Why pausing is so important

The life of a modern city dweller is an endless (and often pointless) exhausting race that sucks all the strength out of us. We simply do not have the time to stop or even pause, because we are so used to equating time with money. Any pausing means voluntarily giving up money and opportunities we could otherwise take advantage of. Does that mean that in order to earn more and do more we are to abandon all hope of catching a break? It most certainly does not! And today we are going to talk about why pausing is so important.

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Living non-stop is virtually impossible

Even a perfectly adjusted mechanism is unable to function endlessly. Sooner or later it will exhaust its performance potential and come to a standstill. Humans are organisms whose reserves are replenishable, to a point. In other words, we need rest to replenish our supply. By giving ourselves some rest and pausing we have the opportunity to “recharge the batteries” in order to keep moving and working. Apart from giving us a chance to rest physically, such pauses also come with other great benefits.

The benefits of pausing

Pausing helps reevaluate priorities and adjust goals

In the constant pursuit of success, getting your priorities straight might seem like something too insignificant to stop and think about. Meanwhile, frantic daily life and routine can often push you off the track. That may be the reason why often, having reached a goal, we feel disappointment rather than joy of accomplishment. Pressing pause at the right time gives us a chance to reevaluate the goals based on their current relevance, readjusting the focus accordingly. As we are busy making our way towards a certain goal, our priorities may shift and our personal values change. Pausing is a chance to recollect yourself, comprehend your path and actions, taking a look at yourself from the outside and from within.

Pausing helps you discover new horizons

Daily rush often makes us lose touch with reality. We stop noticing the things we used to pay attention to, our tunnel vision preventing us from looking around. Pausing gives us an invaluable chance to “reboot” the picture of the surrounding reality by changing our viewing angle for a while. Sometimes you can see nothing up close, so you need to take a few steps back or pause to see the obvious that eludes us as we hurry by. Pausing is a great chance to see new horizons up ahead, as well as to identify new objectives and goals for the future.

Pausing helps you dump ballast

People tend to fill their lives with useless things and unnecessary connections. These build up like a snowball, weighing us down and depriving us of mobility. It can go on like that for years, burdening us more and more. Only a proper “spring cleaning” can help in situations like these. The tricky thing is, you need to make time for it. And time is the one thing we are constantly short of.

Short-term pauses let us dump ballast at the right time not letting it pile up for years on end. You must agree it makes more sense not to accumulate trash, as that way you won’t have to look for ways to get rid of it when things get serious. It might be difficult to imagine that a short break can help a great deal more than a lengthy time-out, but it’s a fact.

You can restore your strength

No matter how energetic we are, sooner or later the source of our energy runs dry. The state of being constantly busy and buried under problems, with new ones piling on top, age and even perfectionism suck out our life forces and weigh us down. To keep living a full life it’s crucial to replenish your internal energy reserves. Short pauses are the best way to do this effortlessly. The longer you put it off, the more time you need to restore. Take a break without waiting to be exhausted, as that way you will be able to restore your strength much faster than otherwise.

Pausing helps you regain joie de vivre

Only children and philosophers know the true taste of life. The others are destined to observe from a distance. You can’t possibly taste the chocolate ice cream being advertized on TV, can you? Our daily activity becomes that screen that shields us from real life filled with colors, flavors, tastes, emotions… It only takes a little pause to realize how great life is. It’s right here, so close by – all you need is to open your eyes and realize this is what’s real, without any interference or information noise. Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses – look at the spring sky, breathe in the April air, listen to beautiful bird songs and enjoy the caressing warmth of sun rays on your face after long winter hibernation.

Pausing helps reignite your desires

Moments or inspiration and emotional uplift are very common after you pause. When we manage to take a fresh look at the world and see it from a different angle, our soul experiences an emotional reboot. In those moments, you clearly realize your life purpose, while the cocoon of idle worries and problems disintegrates. Your soul, reborn like a butterfly, flutters out and into the bright world full of unique unforgettable moments. A pause is a real source of inspiration that helps us reach for new desires within our soul and see the ordinary things in our life from a different perspective. Short pauses allow us to avoid emotional and psychological burnout.

Pausing keeps us going

Quite often, as we accumulate life experience, it might seem we’ve reached the end of the ladder and there is nowhere to grow. We get the feeling of emptiness and frustration that can grow into depression. The truth is, however, this end-of-ladder impression has everything to do with our emotional and physical fatigue.

We already mentioned that pausing helps us expand the boundaries of our consciousness. And this is exactly what happens. Just as we free ourselves from stereotypes and shake off the burden of emotional stress, rising above, we clearly see that our path has not reached its end. Pauses allow us to unfocus our eyes and see a different picture. If you ever looked at three-dimensional holographic images, you will understand just what we mean.

Pausing: luxury or necessity?

Without a doubt, pausing is a necessity rather than a luxury, much less a whim or a manifestation of laziness. Think of it as a vitamin supplement your body needs to remain healthy and strong. Mind the importance of timely pausing, as otherwise you might end up not being able to restore your strength on your own terms. Meditation happens to be a great way to pause.

Unfortunately, best case scenario for when our body’s wake-up calls are ignored is a hospital bed. It’s definitely much cheaper and more pleasant to give ourselves little and regular breaks instead, replenishing our strength supply without waiting to get sick.

In the daily rush of urban life, remember to pause for just a little and feel alive, acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to simply contemplate this beautiful world and serenely look into its wide-open eyes.