What’s digital detox or how to lead a healthy techno-social lifestyle?

Despite the great number of bad habits any adult is guilty of, the society in general seems to be gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle. Sooner or later we come to realize that living a healthy life is great and quite enjoyable. We revise our diet and schedule to leave space for active rest and sports. But not too many of us ever give any thought to another important component of a healthy lifestyle. In the meantime, that very component is as important for our body as it is for our psychological wellbeing. Let’s talk about it below.

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You are what you eathttps://startupnation.com/grow-your-business/importance-digital-detox/

What are your eating habits like? Do you make every effort to do it right or just fill up on food without thinking about health consequences? On the one hand, it might be challenging to resist the temptation with fast food advertised all around. On the other hand, we are free to choose between our own health and the financial wellbeing of those selling us the junk food. The same applies to digital junk food we often fill up on.

Why is it so difficult for us to give up digital fast food?

Most likely because we haven’t seriously considered the risks just yet. A healthy full life is impossible without doing a fair amount of consideration. You should eat right, stay in shape as well as think about your mental and psychological wellbeing. We suggest analyzing your daily digital diet right now to see how it contributes to maintaining your intellectual health, helps you grow and perfect your skills, expanding the boundaries of your worldview.

What does the right digital diet look like?

There is nothing complicated about it, as the analogy can be drawn with nutrition. If you are clear on the concept of healthy nutrition, making the right choices in terms of healthy “food” for your mind shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Obviously eating a lot of healthy food 24 hours a day will not improve your health to say the least. Therefore, the first rule of a healthy digital diet is moderation. Don’t fill up on information non-stop, setting aside two-three intervals during the day that will be dedicated to checking your email and studying useful articles that will help you grow.

Any attempts to observe moderation will inevitably cause you to filter your digital streams, eliminating unnecessary information. Selectivity is the second rule of healthy digital nutrition. As it turns out, to stay abreast of the major world events, you don’t need to monitor a bunch of news sites. You only need a couple of good resources. As for the news feeds in social networks, you don’t really need about 95% of that information and can give it up without any doubts.

When we eat healthily, we clearly understand the roles certain nutrients play in our body. Food should be tasty, nutritious and healthy. Usefulness is the third rule of healthy digital nutrition. Without a doubt, reading a popular scientific article is a lot more useful for our brain than surfing your friends’ Instagram accounts – as well as those of the people you don’t know. When dedicating your valuable time to surfing the internet and interacting with a gadget, make sure not to waste it. Choose only what you really need and are interested in, something truly valuable.

Finally, the last rule is always being consistent. It’s evident that a healthy lifestyle and diet are not meant to be a temporary thing. You must stick to the rules every day rather than occasionally, otherwise this turns into a crash diet of sorts always followed by a relapse. This kind of approach would be similar to alcoholism with period of sobriety alternating with binge drinking.

This is why having unplugged days and holidays without any gadgets is never going to bring the desired effect. As a rule, you’d compensate for this digital abstinence by filling up on whatever you’ve missed until your eyes are popping out. It’s important to remember there should be no strict taboos. Otherwise, the forbidden fruit will always be the most tempting. Even following a healthy diet you can indulge in French fries, pizza or cupcakes. The most important thing is to make these little indulgences occasional rather than regular. The same goes for digital nutrition: you can indulge in some digital junk food, but always in moderation.

Free yourself from technological addiction!

We certainly need modern technologies and latest scientific achievements. Giving them up altogether would be unwise. However, it’s important to remember that their purpose is to make our life easier, instead of filling it with loads of totally useless and unnecessary information. By consuming terabytes of informational trash we tend to lose sight of that. At the same time, being in control of our information consumption, we gain more freedom. This is something you must be aware of at any time.

As a matter of fact, you can also cleanse your brain of technological toxins using a quite enjoyable method – meditation. This is a great way to reboot, drop the ballast and keep moving on feeling incredibly light.