A few tips on properly organizing notes in Nimbus Note

Any user of Nimbus Note (or any other similar services for that matter) sooner or later comes to the point when they need to properly organize their notes. Sure, if you have 50-100 of those, it’s not such a big of a deal – you have all your notes right in front of you anyway. But what if you have 500 or even 1,000? Not always will you be able to find your way through them as quickly as you’d prefer. There surely is the search feature, but if there are way too may notes and your search query is too generic, you will end up with dozens of notes that will take time to sort through.

Down below we will tell you about ways to organize your notes in Nimbus Note that will allow filtering out the unnecessary while locating just what you need at any moment.

Source: http://www.floridaescaperooms.com

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Those that understood life are no longer in a hurry…

Remember the last time you did not need to hurry and could focus on the single task at hand? One single task rather than a bunch of them simultaneously. These days a metropolitan dweller spends every day under enormous time pressure therefore living in a state of constant stress. We are all so afraid of being late and missing something important that we barely seem to acknowledge our life is passing by without waiting for us to pay attention. And is there any other way to live? There surely is! Let’s talk about ways of slowing ourselves down.

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New camera in Nimbus Clipper for Android – a convenient pocket scanner for your documents

These days, smartphone cameras could easily replace the standard snapshot cameras. Pictures taken with cellphones, especially with proper lighting, are pretty good in quality. So, it comes as no surprise that smartphone cameras can be effectively used for purposes beyond taking regular snapshots. For instance, you could scan some document or bill. This is what a new Nimbus Clipper mode called “Document scanner” is for.

Download Nimbus Clipper for Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fvd.nimbus&hl=en

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How your good habits can let you down?

We are all used to patting ourselves on the back for our good habits while trying our hardest to get rid of the bad ones. And yet… the tireless scientists arrived at a conclusion that can come across as counter-intuitive. Good habits can keep us from growing and evolving.

Do good habits hold us back and make us commit errors? Unfortunately, that’s what sometimes happens. And right now let’s look at a few more specific situations.

Source: https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2013/11/02/7-simple-habits-of-the-worlds-best-investors.aspx

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The magnificent trio: a simple rule for sky-high productivity

There are a great number of recommendations, rules and tips to help you do it all. The hard part is following them: most of us simply won’t be able to, for a variety of reasons. Today we suggest a nearly perfect (as perfection is not attainable) way to become as productive as one possibly can. The great thing about this one is that you can really make it work. It is after all brilliantly simple. So here we go.

Source: http://chepri.com/our-blog/nine-no-nonsense-tips-to-make-your-life-more-productive/

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