Reaching peak productivity: How to do more while working less

You may have noticed that your productivity varies a lot. Sometimes dealing with all the tasks and issues at hand takes only a couple of hours, while other times you barely make any progress at all. Some of this can be explained by circumstances such as your mood and the way you are feeling at the time. But in most cases, high productivity has to do with periods of peak brain power. We are most productive when we manage to work during our peak hours, while we cannot be as focused and productive during our energy troughs. Knowing that, how can you determine your most active hours and take full advantage of them?


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Nimbus Capture is now available to Microsoft Edge users

We are excited to announce the release of Nimbus Capture for Microsoft Edge.

Download Nimbus Capture for Microsoft Edge –

The app allows you to do the following:

– make screenshots of the entire page or its fragments;
– edit and annotate screenshots in a handy fully-featured editor;
– edit and annotate images from your PC;
– send screenshots to Nimbus Note and Google Drive, sharing links to them with your friends and colleagues;
– save screenshots to your computer;
– send screenshots to Slack;

Why pausing is so important

The life of a modern city dweller is an endless (and often pointless) race that sucks all the strength out of us. We do not give ourselves time to stop or even pause, because we are used to equating time with money. Pausing means voluntarily giving up money and opportunities we could otherwise take advantage of. Does that mean that in order to earn more and do more we must abandon all hope of catching a break? It certainly does not! Today we are going to talk about why pausing is so important.


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All or nothing! Let’s talk about perfectionism

What is perfectionism: a disease or a practical trait?

These days perfectionism has become a real “virus” spreading throughout the society with unimaginable speed. The mass media plays one of the key roles in this phenomenon, cultivating an inferiority complex and presenting us with the perfect images of successful people that are completely happy in every way. Unfortunately, not many of us realize that in most cases these are nothing but pretty pictures. Let’s have a closer look at this issue and dot the i’s.


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At the crossroads: coping with the fear of missing out

What is the fear of missing out?

It can safely be referred to as a disease of the XXI century, although the syndrome has existed since the time of the First Men. Our overly enhanced basic psychological characteristics resulted in many of us catching a “sickness” known as the fear of missing out. In Europe, they even came up with an acronym for the “disease” – FOMO. Essentially, it’s the fear of missing out on something crucial, interesting, sometimes even being afraid of losing the sense of purpose in life.

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Nimbus Mind: for those who have trouble finding time for their meditations

What could the life of a modern person be compared to?

In most cases, to a wheel that we keep spinning from inside, keeping it up day to day. And even when we stop, we do not stop our hasty movement, spinning inside with our daily problems and things to do. It’s highly unlikely we can get any rest in this kind of state, although that does create perfect conditions for stress to fester. Can you make it out of the vicious spinning wheel? Luckily you can.


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