Nimbus Notes for Google Chrome

We are glad to inform you about our new addon Nimbus Note for Google Chrome releasing. It’s using lets you quickly make notes in browser and save them in Nimbus cloud.

Nimbus Notes is for:

  • Taking notes quickly and easily;
  • Clip content from Web pages in just one click;
  • Organize notes in a convenient folder structure that won’t turn into a mess;
  • Easy-to-use editor with HTML tag support;
  • Syncing notes and accessing them from any computer;

User can save notes in Nimbus cloud synchronizing them on other computers.
Nimbus Notes is next product of Nimbus project. Very soon we’ll make you glad of our new apps to let you keep some necessary information. You’ll never forget and loose the information!

Link –



New version of Nimbus Screen Capture

The new version of Nimbus Screen Capture is released!

The main changes:

  • A new Scroll&Selected screenshot kind is added (for Google Chrome). So you can allocate needed patch on the website using at the same time mouse scrolling.
  • An element numbering is added at edit process. You can see number of every element using in editing.
  • Some bugs fix




Nimbus Screen Capture for Google Chrome

We glad to introduce our new product Nimbus Screen Capture for Google Chrome! Addon let to create new screenshot (of all window or only highlighted field) and to edit it if it’s needed. The integrated editor includes a number of tools as lines, different forms, stickers and two Blur effects. All forms can be edited after drawing on screenshot.

After screenshot edit it can be saved on PC or sent to Google Drive.
Nimbus Screen Capture is first tool from our new project Nimbus including a number of services for saving and edit of different information.

Quick Guide for Nimbus Screen Capture

Very soon we hope to make you glad by our new products won’t disappoint you!

Permission “Access to all data on computer”

When I’m trying to install the Chrome addon, the following message appears: Access to all data on computer. Why is that

Don’t worry, we don’t need your data! It’s just that the addon requires an additional module in order to function properly and every time such module gets installed, Google requests permission with the abovementioned message. In fact, the addon doesn’t even require any additional data. Please, note that every module is checked by the Google Chrome team manually, which guarantees its safety and reliability.

Syncing WP7 smartphone with Zune wirelessly

Wireless syncing feature supported by WP7 OS is a very convenient thing. If you have Zune software installed on your PC, you can easily send files from your PC to your smartphone without any cables. If you want to use this feature, you will need to do a little setting up first.

Wireless syncing feature supported by WP7 OS is a very convenient thing. If you have Zune software installed on your PC, you can easily send files from your PC to your smartphone without any cables. If you want to use this feature, you will need to do a little setting up first.

The first step to activating the wireless syncing is getting your PC with Zune software installed on it ready, finding an available Wi-Fi network and fetching your phone. The smartphone and the PC should be connected to the same wireless network – otherwise, you won’t be able to establish a connection between them. Having your own Wi-Fi network at home solves the wireless syncing setting up problem perfectly well. There’s also another important condition. Wireless syncing requires your phone to be connected to an AC power outlet – without this nothing will work out.
When you are setting up syncing for the first time, connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network and also connect it to your PC with a USB cable. Wait for the device to show up in Zune and go to the software’s settings menu. Choose your smartphone in the top panel and click ‘Wireless sync’. Then just click on ‘Setup wireless sync’ and verify your choice of the home network that your smartphone and your PC are connected to. When the setup is over, your phone will sync with your PC automatically every 10 minutes.

Welcome GetThemAll Receiver!

Downloading files to your tablet or smartphone but don’t know how to send them to your computer? Sure, you can always resort to cloud data storage services – but there’s a much simpler way too! Just download the new version of GetThemAll, install GetThemAll Receiver on your computer – and you will be able to send files from your mobile devices to your computer over a WiFi connection.

You can find a detailed GetThemAll Receiver user guide here.

Hide your dials from curious eyes!

The new version of FVD Speed Dial introduces a new feature called Power Off.

It is very simple to use this feature. Just enter a passcode in the settings, click Power Off and that’s it. You can be sure that no one will see your FVD Speed Dials if you don’t want it. You can use this feature at home, at work – wherever there is a risk of someone unwanted seeing the list of your favorite sites.


Everhelper.Me – New Web Interface!

We have been testing for a while now and are finally ready to launch it. Now you can access your bookmarks and dials from any computer, even if it doesn’t have our addons installed. Moreover, you can save bookmarks without using FVD Speed Dial or EverSync addons. Just register an account with us (it’s 100% free) and get the best of all the opportunities that our service provides. And if you have already had a great experience of using our addons and syncing with their help, you won’t even have to bother about getting registered! Simply use the account you already have.

Main features of our product:

  • Allows creating bookmarks and dials online – both for storing and for further syncing.
  • Allows creating private bookmarks and dials that can only be viewed in Everhelper interface.
  •  Provides additional backup of your bookmarks by archiving them.
  •  Syncs bookmarks and dials with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Bookmarks and dials are just the first step in the development of our new product. We will keep on adding new features and functions that will make sure you never lose the information you need. It will always be there, just a couple of clicks away from you!