Golden rules for preventing pre-vacation syndrome

This May keeps treating us to unusually warm weather. In such circumstances, it’s impossible not to succumb to pre-vacation syndrome, even though the actual vacation season is still far away. How do you avoid going nuts in the office while contemplating what totally feels like summer out of the window?It’s not as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that will help you carry yourself through the warm summer days with enjoyment even though you might not be on vacation just yet.


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We launched GetThemAll for iPhone!

We are excited to announce that one of the most popular (over 10 million Android and Windows Phone installations) smart file downloaders GetThemAll is now available to iPhone users.

GetThemAll is a unique file downloader with a special parser that can find video, audio, images, documents and other files on a page. Then these files can be downloaded with our Download Manager.

How GetThemAll works
Open the site in our browser. Press the parsing button and in the window that opens select the files you want to download. You can also use filters to have JPG or PDF files displayed. The downloaded files can be found and viewed in our File Manager. S you see, it’s all very simple!

Download GetThemAll –

Several ways to use Yotalk

Manage everything, even on the eve of a holiday!

Pre-holiday rush affects even those people who are the most organized. In order not to get lost in it and have time to wish your loved ones a happy holiday you will now need only a few minutes. Yotalk program will allow you to send voice greetings to all of your loved ones in just a couple of clicks.

Be original with your voice

Any non-trivial solution that goes beyond our usual stereotypes may be called “original.” And what if you apply such a solution with regard to your business partners and VIP-clients? Greet them a voice message through Yotalk! This will not only be remembered by those who receive your greetings, but will also create a special atmosphere. Your original solution will not go unnoticed!

 The most heartfelt message

We often want to greet our closest and dearest people in a special way. But sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to express our feelings and emotions in words. Yotalk will come to your aid: it can be used to send a heartfelt message to your beloved one. Such a message will be permeated with genuine emotions and will certainly be appreciated.

How to impress a client?

Modern businessmen will use all kinds of tricks in order to draw the attention of potential clients to their business offer. We suggest an unusual way to do so: you can attach to your business offer a short voice message through Yotalk including only the most important points. Such a business move will not be ignored.

Issue a directive in 300 seconds

Company executives quite often come across situations where they need to inform their staff on some issues. Yotalk will always come to your aid: with its help you can create a voice directive and send it to all company units in just a few minutes. By the way, instead of orders, employees can also receive kind greetings for a holiday from their boss.

Playing practical jokes

Sometimes there are days when we can fool around like children without putting our own reputation at risk. What if you play some good jokes on your friends via Yotalk? There is a great opportunity to send messages by changing your voice. Just do not forget about the basics of ethics: remember that some jokes may hurt or harm humans.

Download YoTalk for Android –

Meet Our Updated Android App!

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Note for Android.

What’s different:

– More user-friendly design;
– You can now create audio and video notes;
– You can create TODO notes and checklists;
– You can attach files to your notes;
– More convenient TODO task management. You can create and edit new tasks right from the editor;
– A highlight feature was added to the editor. Now you can highlight portions of text using a special marker. If you do not see the marker, just scroll across the format panel from right to left;
– The editor changed drastically, becoming much faster and more convenient to use;
– Autosave feature was added to the editor. When the autosave feature is enabled, all changes made will be saved automatically and will not be lost even if you exit the application;
– Quick note panel widget;

Download Nimbus Note –