Searching more efficiently in Nimbus Note for Web and mobile devices

Search is among the most important features for services like Nimbus Note. As the number of notes increases, it’s getting more and more difficult to locate the ones you need. Even multi-level organization of folders and tags does not always help, so you have to rely on search as a faster way. However, there is a small problem here as well – if there are way too many notes, there will be lots of search results, and once again you will be back to square one, sorting through those notes.

To avoid all that, we introduced a number of special search operators that will be sure to help you. At the time they are available for the web client and mobile applications.

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How to do it all! Or some thoughts on battling your own laziness

The impassionate statistical data shows that over 30% of working time is spent on idle talk and useless tasks. The remaining 70% we are really trying to do something useful, but we never seem to have enough time because we are not capable of using our internal resources effectively. Constantly running out of time we find ourselves under a lot of stress. How to break the vicious circle and boost your own effectiveness?


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New Nimbus Note for PC – editor optimization and number of notes in subfolders

We are excited to announce a new version of Nimbus Note for Windows. This version does not come with many noticeable changes, but there are a great number of improvements and fixes for the software’s internal logic.

Editor optimization

The changes were mostly made to the editor. We have been receiving numerous complaints about the way the editor was handling inserting text from clipboard and working with notes obtained through Nimbus Clipper. We revised paragraphs, DIV elements, Span and other “internals”.

The present version is not the final one and there are still issues remaining to be solved, but the results so far have been very impressive. For instance, we resolved almost completely the issue of excessively large margins when inserting text from the clipboard. We also improved work with clip notes by managing to get rid of the frame that appeared when such notes were first clicked.

Number of notes in subfolders

A feature that has been requested for quite a while. No more need to open folders to see if the subfolders contain any notes – now the number of notes in subfolders is right next to the number of notes in the parent folder.

Inserting multiple images

Another feature that was much needed and often requested. Now you can select several images at once to insert them into a note.

Download Nimbus Note for Windows –

Using Quick Notes in Nimbus Note for Chrome/Opera as a multi clipboard

Nimbus Note for Google Chrome/Opera comes with a useful feature that not everybody knows about. It’s called Quick Notes and right now we will take a look at how it can be used as a multi clipboard and give you an example of how our own support service is taking advantage of it.

Download Nimbus Note for Google Chrome –

Download Nimbus Note for Opera –

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Organize your life with Nimbus Note for PC

What’s the one most important thing when you have a lot of notes? Not to get lost among them, of course! True, we have a very efficient search feature, but resorting to it should be seen as an extreme measure, when all the other available methods have been exhausted.

In this article we will offer some useful tips on how to better organize your notes. We will be using Nimbus Notes for Windows as an example.

Download Nimbus Note for PC –

Folders and subfolders

You probably already know that you can create an infinite folder structure, and we suggest taking advantage of this possibility :). For instance, if you collect recipes, you just need to create a main folder called Recipes and create subfolders like Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy etc.


You can use tags to add more context to your notes. If we use recipe notes as an example, you could make ingredients used into tags. For instance, tags like Tomato, Garlic or Green Pepper may be ingredients for meat dishes and vegetarian ones. Keeping in mind the great variety of tools we offer to work with tags (adding/subtracting etc), you will soon appreciate the convenience of using them for organizing your notes.

Manual sorting of notes

Let’s say you add recipes every day, but there are still several dozen of them that you use almost daily and you want to be able to see them at all times. If that was a problem before, now you can manually build your note list. You just need to use a feature called Sort by user: it will allow you to manually define positions for the required notes. Manual sorting of notes is available for folders/subfolders as well as tags.