New Nimbus Screenshot – Screencasts, capture fragments and other new features

We released a new version of Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox.

Download Nimbus Screenshot –

Here’s what’s new:

Recording screencasts (Chrome only)

Now not only can you make screenshots but also record screencasts! You can record all your actions from a Google Chrome page or any app. For instance, you can create interactive Photoshop lessons. Obviously, you can also record sound from either the mic or the browser. You can save the finished video to your computer or send it to Nimbus Note.

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New Nimbus Note for Android – work with images and improved location-based reminders

A new version of Nimbus Note for Android has been released. In this version, special attention was given to location-based reminders and working with pictures in notes.

Editing pictures in Nimbus Clipper

Our Nimbus Clipper app has long been a valuable tool when working with Nimbus Note. Now, besides being able to save articles from the Internet and working with PDF, you can change pictures straight from within a note. Just tap on the required note and it will open in a convenient editor. There you can put text or various elements right on the picture or, for instance, blur a fragment of it.

Rotating/replacing/removing pictures

Didn’t like a photo’s perspective? Need to get rid of unnecessary pictures in an article? It’s no longer a problem! In the new version of Nimbus Note, you can rotate pictures, replace them with other ones or remove the ones you do not need. It’s all in your hands!

Improved location-based reminders

We did some serious work on that important feature. Your geo location is now determined much more precisely without draining your battery.

Download Nimbus Note for Android –

New 5 Tips Every Nimbus Note for Windows User Should Know

In this article we will offer a few tips on working with Nimbus Note for Windows. These should make your life much easier.

 Making a folder into another folder’s subfolder

A convenient feature that will help you better organize your notes. Select a folder and keeping the left mouse button pressed drag and drop to another folder. As a result, the original folder will become a subfolder inside the folder to which you dragged it.

Displaying notes from subfolders inside a folder

An awesome feature for GTD (Getting Things Done). Right-click on the folder containing subfolders and select Show notes from subfolders. You will then be able to see all notes from the folder’s subfolders.

Searching by multiple tags

A feature that allows locating a note faster as long as you know it has at least one of the tags. Just enter a search query like keyword tag: tag1, tag2, tag3 and you will see notes that contain those tags.

Viewing notes with multiple tags

Tags represent a crucial tool for organizing your notes in Nimbus Note. This app comes with many options of using tags to quickly locate and organize your notes.
1) Say, you have tags Food, Juice and Milk. You would like to view all notes that contain tags Food and Milk. All you need to do is select tags Food and Milk keeping the CTRL key pressed. You will then see all notes with either those tags.

2) Say, you want to view only notes that contain both tags Food and Juice. All you need to do is select the required tags keeping the SHIFT key pressed. You will then see all notes containing both those tags.

Synchronizing only text from your notes

Say, you have many new notes accumulated on the server and need to download them to your computer. But it’s gonna take forever and you don’t want to occupy too much space. In this case all you need to do is check Fast Sync in the app settings. Once this is done, only text will be downloaded during synchronization. Should you require the images or the attachments, you just need to press Download in the window of the specific note to have just the files for that note downloaded.

New Nimbus Note for Android – Note Widget, Auto Sync and Backup for Offline Accounts

We released a new version of Nimbus Note for Android with a few important changes.

Note widget

Now you can read your notes right in the widget. And not only read, but also check the completed tasks on the TODO list. You can also set the widget transparency.


An important update for users without a Nimbus Note account. Now you can save your notes to a ZIP archive and, if needed, quickly restore them from there. You can find the backup in Settings.


Situations when you forgot to synchronize the note and all the important data did not arrive at another device are in the past! Now auto synchronization occurs right after you create or edit a note, so you will always have an up-to-date set of notes on all devices.

This release also comes with quite a few old bugs fixed. If you detect any new bugs, please do drop our support service a line!

Download Nimbus Note for Android –

New version of Nimbus Note for iPad – Autosync, line spacing and other features

The new version comes with many changes, and here are a few ones worth mentioning:

Auto-synchronization and background synchronization

In this updated version, a new very useful feature appeared. Now Nimbus Note will update the contents of your account even if the app is running in background mode. Also, every time you run the app, automatic synchronization will launch. You can disable auto synchronization in settings.

 Line spacing

Now you can set  lines spacing for a note yourself. You just need to press on Line Spacing button and select requied value.

Folders and tags in the web clipper

Many users were able to appreciate the advantages of our clipper. Now it’s even more convenient to work with – you can set a target folder and tags for a future note.

 Possibility to select a default name for your notes

A note title is crucial for quickly locating exactly the one you need. Now you can select a default title for your notes (unless you want to type in something specific of course):

a) The note title will consist of the first words from the note text.
b) The note title will be a combination of date and time.

We hope you will enjoy the new features. If  you encounter any bugs, we will be most grateful for letting us know right away.

Download Nimbus Note for iPad –

Time Reminders in Nimbus Note for Windows

We are happy to let you know that time reminders have become available in Nimbus Note for Windows. You can create reminders, as well as change and delete them. It’s very easy to add a new reminder to a note – you just need to press on the corresponding thumbnail in the note window.

Then you can set the date and the time to get reminded about the note. There is also the option of repeating the reminder over a specific interval.

Download Nimbus Note for Windows –

New Nimbus Note for iPhone

We are excited to announce the release of a new version of Nimbus Note for iPhone.

Download Nimbus Note for iPhone –

Here are the most important changes:

1) Possibility to edit notes without switching to a separate editor window. Basically, you can be reading a note and editing it on the spot (it takes just a simple tap anywhere in the note).

2) Convenient sidebar in the window for viewing/editing a note. On this panel you can quickly change the note folder, note tags, as well as receive a direct link to your note or change geolocation.

3) Editor Optimization. Many of our users have complained about the editor, and rightfully so. In this version we redesigned our editor significantly, making it better and more stable. We also added the Undo-Redo feature to simplify working with text.
4) Numerous minor bugs that would often interfere with the app work were fixed.

New Nimbus Note for Android – material design, new widget, call reminder

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Nimbus Note for Android, in which we added a multitude of new features and possibilities.

Download Nimbus Note for Android –

New note list
We decided to rearrange the list items. Firstly, previews were moved to the left, while descriptions were removed. The great thing about it is that now there is no limit on the number of characters for the note title, and every note’s full title will display on the list. Also, notes that have not been downloaded from the server are not marked with a special symbol: instead, their title appears gray. Therefore, we made the note list cleaner and more user-friendly, at least in our opinion.

Quick folder access
If in the old version you had to make a number of steps to switch from folder to folder. Now you can do it right from the note list. Just tap on the top bar and select the required folder.

Advanced widget
The widget’s main purpose is quick access to the app information without any need to open the app. Of course, you will not be able to read a note right from the widget window (how useful would this option be anyway?), but you will definitely be able to view tasks and check the completed ones.

Creating notes with a swipe
We couldn’t but add the + button to create new notes, which offers a number of advantages. There, is, however, a disadvantage – you need an extra tap to create a new note. Insignificant? Perhaps, but for many users it can be quite irritating (judging by the feedback for apps that already added such a button). We thought about it some more and decided to add yet another way to quickly create a note – a swipe starting at the right side of the screen will bring up a new note screen. It turned out pretty convenient too. I myself, being an active app user, hardly ever use the + button, except for when I need to make a photo or create a TODO note.

Call Reminders
Here’s how it works – you create a call reminder for the required note, type in the phone number (or select from the contact list). You will see the note with the incoming call information. The feature has been tested more than once and proved extremely useful.

Dark theme
You should be equally comfortable using the app (editing or just reading notes) no matter if it’s light or dark. This is why we added another eye-friendly full-fledged dark theme. The letters appear white against the dark background, which is perfect when reading in the dark. You can switch between Day/Night modes from the side bar.

New Web Client: Subfolders, Auto-Save and other features

We are happy to announce the update of our web client. It took us quite a while to finish the work on it, practically rewriting the client code completely.

Here are the main changes:

–       Subfolder support – you can create and view subfolders.
–       Note autosave to avoid loss of any information when printing out the note.
–       We merged note viewing and the editor, so you just need to click anywhere on the note to start editing it right away.
–       Shared pages have been optimized for mobile devices.

We also fixed a number of small bugs discovered in the previous version.

There are, however, a few disadvantages:

– We had to disable the full-screen work mode for now, but we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
– We disabled the option of group work on notes. At the moment we are rewriting the group work engine and will demonstrate it to you very soon.

Link –