Golden rules for your mornings to achieve greater productivity and success

Morning is the day’s most important time that we must give our full attention to.  The way you begin your day, the kind of energy boost you get in the very first waking minutes will define how successful or useless your day is going to be. And since our life is made up of such days, morning rituals and routines suddenly appear in a whole new light.

Let’s begin by stating that an early morning and the moment the sun rises mark a very special period perfect for getting our juices flowing nice and proper for the whole day ahead. Most of us miss out on this opportunity spending the earliest hours in bed. But do try rising with the sun and you will see just how much that changes your perception of the world.


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New in Live Start Page – meditations from mindfulness teachers really help

At the average office, the productivity level leaves much to be desired. There are many reasons for it – a whole bunch of distractions like social networks, surfing the internet, pointless chitchatting with colleagues. Our mind ends up cluttered and we are unable to enjoy a productive working process. So what can be done? Turns out, there is a way that’s great for effectively clearing your mind. It’s been there for thousands of years and its effectiveness stood the test of many generations.

Download Live Start Page for Google Chrome –

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Office meditation: the evident and the nearly unbelievable

Chronic stress has become our constant companion. We already wrote about escaping it, but today let’s talk more about another efficient way – meditation. Its effectiveness has been proven by centuries of practice in the East. Today we are witnessing an overwhelming popularity of meditation in Europe and the USA. Progressive companies even practice in-office meditation classes. Today let’s talk about cleansing your own mind and rebooting your brain to avoid losing your calmness and concentration at work.

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Pokémons – now on Live Start Page

There aren’t too many people unaware of Pokémon Go – dozens of millions of people all over the world run around every day looking for rare and more common pokémons. We decided not to keep up with the trends, so now you can enjoy your favorite pokémons without leaving your PC.

Our first wallpaper is dedicated to the cutest of them all – Pikachu. He’s so cute and sweet, you won’t even want to see any kind of background around to be charmed out of your mind. You can already start looking forward to new Pokémon GO characters on Live Start Page.

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How to do it all! Or some thoughts on battling your own laziness

The impassionate statistical data shows that over 30% of working time is spent on idle talk and useless tasks. The remaining 70% we are really trying to do something useful, but we never seem to have enough time because we are not capable of using our internal resources effectively. Constantly running out of time we find ourselves under a lot of stress. How to break the vicious circle and boost your own effectiveness?


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Meditation mode in Live Start Page

These days, doctors strongly recommend taking good care of yourself and replenishing your natural resources regularly. For that to happen,  need to have some rest every once in a while, especially considering the hectic time we live in. It’s much more useful to take short frequent breaks rather than long and rare ones. That way you could at least avoid a nervous breakdown or a state of emotional exhaustion. Neither of those, as a matter of fact, responds very well to any known form of treatment…

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