Import bookmarks from Pocket to Everhelper

We are pleased to announce that it’s now possible to import bookmarks from Pocket to Everhelper. To import, just a few simple steps are required:

1) Log into your account at

2) Open link

3) Click Export HTML file and download the HTML file.

4) Log into your account at

5) Press the settings button and select Import / Export Bookmarks.

6) In the window that appears, click Import and select the HTML file you downloaded from Pocket.

7) Wait for the import to complete. New bookmarks will be available to you in the folder Menu – Pocket Import.

New premium feature: server backups for FVD Speed Dial and bookmarks

Every day, all of us update a list of favorite pages with a few items. There are people who do this using dials (for example, FVD Speed Dial), as well as those who use good old bookmarks. There are people whose lists include ten websites, and there are those who have hundreds or even thousands of websites on their lists. And it is always a pity when links are lost due to browser errors or if accidentally deleted. Of course, there are local backups included in applications, but what if an application has been deleted for some reasons? In order for you to avoid such situations, we are pleased to present a new premium feature – server backups for FVD Speed Dial and bookmarks.

As you know, we used to do backups only locally, i.e. in our EverSync application; therefore, in the case of removal of an addon or problems with your computer, you would lose all your local backups. But now we do backups on the server as well. This feature is available for all users of EverHelper Pro. Backups are done automatically once a week, but you can also manually create a backup at any time. Backups are kept for six months, and you can return to your bookmarks or dials which you created 3 or 4 months ago! It is also important to note that backups are also created for users of free Everhelper plan and if you for some reason have lost your FVD Speed Dial, you will be able to restore them if you switch to Everhelper Pro plan.

FVD Speed Dial –

EverSync –

Manual for Backups ––-short-manual

Eversync for Android

We launch Eversync for Android. Now you can synchronize your bookmarks and FVD Speed Dial with your smartphone or tablet. Very soon the versions for iOS and Windows Phone will be available!

Link –

Main features:

For bookmarks

– Creating and editing bookmarks
– Backup your bookmarks to file
– Import from Android browser
– Adding bookmarks to FVD Speed Dial
– Synchronization with Everhelper service (you will have access to your bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, Windows Phone and IOS)

For Speed Dial

– Creating and editing dials
– Creating previews for dials
– Sync with FVD Speed Dial –

Everhelper Pro

We glad to inform you about new account imposition. It’s Everhelper Pro. To buy the subscribing of its account you’ll be able to have unlimited number of dials\bookmarks and private forders in web-interface Else you will automatically get Premium account in our other service Nimbus Notes.

Nimbus Notes for Google Chrome

We are glad to inform you about our new addon Nimbus Note for Google Chrome releasing. It’s using lets you quickly make notes in browser and save them in Nimbus cloud.

Nimbus Notes is for:

  • Taking notes quickly and easily;
  • Clip content from Web pages in just one click;
  • Organize notes in a convenient folder structure that won’t turn into a mess;
  • Easy-to-use editor with HTML tag support;
  • Syncing notes and accessing them from any computer;

User can save notes in Nimbus cloud synchronizing them on other computers.
Nimbus Notes is next product of Nimbus project. Very soon we’ll make you glad of our new apps to let you keep some necessary information. You’ll never forget and loose the information!

Link –



Everhelper.Me – New Web Interface!

We have been testing for a while now and are finally ready to launch it. Now you can access your bookmarks and dials from any computer, even if it doesn’t have our addons installed. Moreover, you can save bookmarks without using FVD Speed Dial or EverSync addons. Just register an account with us (it’s 100% free) and get the best of all the opportunities that our service provides. And if you have already had a great experience of using our addons and syncing with their help, you won’t even have to bother about getting registered! Simply use the account you already have.

Main features of our product:

  • Allows creating bookmarks and dials online – both for storing and for further syncing.
  • Allows creating private bookmarks and dials that can only be viewed in Everhelper interface.
  •  Provides additional backup of your bookmarks by archiving them.
  •  Syncs bookmarks and dials with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Bookmarks and dials are just the first step in the development of our new product. We will keep on adding new features and functions that will make sure you never lose the information you need. It will always be there, just a couple of clicks away from you!