New in Nimbus Capture for Chrome – drawing while recording a video

Situations when you need to emphasize something in your video are quite common. Surely, you can mention it and emphasize with your voice, but the more visual it is – the better. We added special Drawing Tools to Nimbus Capture for this very purpose: you can use them while recoding a video.

Download Nimbus Capture for Google Chrome –

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How to force yourself to do something you don’t feel like doing

Postponing an unpleasant task and looking for an excuse to do so is common in every adult’s life. When a child does not wish to do something, they just go ahead and say so. An adult, however, is capable of coming up with solid reasons and good excuses for their procrastination. Today we’ll talk about making yourself do the things that must be done no matter how you feel about them.


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New in Nimbus Note for iPhone- manual note encryption

Today we are proud to announce the release of probably the most important feature of the recent time – manual note encryption for iPhone.

You can save virtually any information to Nimbus Note – from cake recipes to important documents, and it’s our job to ensure complete and total security of that information on both the client side and the server side. Manual encoding is expected to meet the challenge.

For higher security, notes in Nimbus Note are encrypted entirely – together with images and file attachments (apart from to-do lists).

Download Nimbus Note for iPhone –

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