New Nimbus Clipper for Android: “Material” design and Annotation of PDF-documents

Nimbus Clipper has long been a convenient assistant for our main application for making notes. With the help of our clipper, you can easily save an article from a website, take a screenshot, and edit a picture. Today we are pleased to present an upgraded version of our application featuring a new facility that allows users to work with PDF files, as well as new material design.

Work on the application

To create from scratch a new component for working with PDF files is a long and difficult process. Therefore, we decided to choose a ready-made product from among many available options. Initially, we planned to use a paid version and even tested toolkits by Foxit and Qoppa, but then we came across MuPDF and decided to use it. There are several reasons for this:

  • Open source code (which is actually the main reason);
  • Quite a large number of tools;

  • Stable operation (MuPDF can handle even fairly complex and large documents which turned out to be a too hard a nut to crack for Foxit).

 Annotation of PDF-documents

It is quite simple to work with annotation features of PDF documents in Nimbus Clipper. It is enough to click “Work with PDF” on the main screen and select a file through a convenient file manager. Next, you can add a comment to the text, point to a desired fragment using an arrow, or draw an arbitrarily chosen figure. It is also worth noting that it is possible to highlight a text with a highlighter or cross it out. At the end, the document can be saved to an SD-card or Nimbus Note.

Material design

 In accordance with the latest trends, we have updated the design to meet the latest “material” requirements. The problem was not the easiest one, as the design requires certain changes in the logic of the application and has to be done in such a way as to prevent users from experiencing any discomfort after switching from the previous version.

Major changes have taken place with regard to the browser, where we could not help adding a “floating” button which has already become a kind of symbol of all new design from Google. It is through this button, that you can now decide how to save a web page: just as an article, a selected fragment, or as a screenshot.

Like in the previous version, before being sent to Nimbus Note, the text can be seen in the previews.

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New premium feature: server backups for FVD Speed Dial and bookmarks

Every day, all of us update a list of favorite pages with a few items. There are people who do this using dials (for example, FVD Speed Dial), as well as those who use good old bookmarks. There are people whose lists include ten websites, and there are those who have hundreds or even thousands of websites on their lists. And it is always a pity when links are lost due to browser errors or if accidentally deleted. Of course, there are local backups included in applications, but what if an application has been deleted for some reasons? In order for you to avoid such situations, we are pleased to present a new premium feature – server backups for FVD Speed Dial and bookmarks.

As you know, we used to do backups only locally, i.e. in our EverSync application; therefore, in the case of removal of an addon or problems with your computer, you would lose all your local backups. But now we do backups on the server as well. This feature is available for all users of EverHelper Pro. Backups are done automatically once a week, but you can also manually create a backup at any time. Backups are kept for six months, and you can return to your bookmarks or dials which you created 3 or 4 months ago! It is also important to note that backups are also created for users of free Everhelper plan and if you for some reason have lost your FVD Speed Dial, you will be able to restore them if you switch to Everhelper Pro plan.

FVD Speed Dial –

EverSync –

Manual for Backups ––-short-manual

Time and Locations Reminders for Nimbus Note for Android

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new reminder feature to our applications. This feature will help you finish your planned business in time. It is worth noting that reminders are the most requested feature, and our users asked us to create not only time-based reminders but also location-based reminders which we gladly did 🙂

 Time-based reminders

To add a new reminder to a note is very simple – just click on the corresponding icon in note preview and select the desired type: time-based or location-based. When you select a time-based reminder, you can set date and time for the application to remind you about the note. There is also a repeat function activated after a certain period of time.

Location-based reminders

Often there are situations when time-based reminders are useless as it may be not clear when you will get to a certain place. In such cases, location-based reminders will come in handy. They will give you an opportunity to not only focus on hours, minutes and seconds but also to receive reminders upon arrival to work or shop.

Location-based reminders are not complicated either – you just select a place (or find it through a search form) and put a pin on it … and that’s it. And when you get to that place, you will only have to wait for your notification from the application.

What’s next?

We have just started working on reminders, and so far they are only available to users of Nimbus Note on Android and Windows Phone. But we do not sit back and are going to add functionality to other platforms too.

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Several ways to use Yotalk

Manage everything, even on the eve of a holiday!

Pre-holiday rush affects even those people who are the most organized. In order not to get lost in it and have time to wish your loved ones a happy holiday you will now need only a few minutes. Yotalk program will allow you to send voice greetings to all of your loved ones in just a couple of clicks.

Be original with your voice

Any non-trivial solution that goes beyond our usual stereotypes may be called “original.” And what if you apply such a solution with regard to your business partners and VIP-clients? Greet them a voice message through Yotalk! This will not only be remembered by those who receive your greetings, but will also create a special atmosphere. Your original solution will not go unnoticed!

 The most heartfelt message

We often want to greet our closest and dearest people in a special way. But sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to express our feelings and emotions in words. Yotalk will come to your aid: it can be used to send a heartfelt message to your beloved one. Such a message will be permeated with genuine emotions and will certainly be appreciated.

How to impress a client?

Modern businessmen will use all kinds of tricks in order to draw the attention of potential clients to their business offer. We suggest an unusual way to do so: you can attach to your business offer a short voice message through Yotalk including only the most important points. Such a business move will not be ignored.

Issue a directive in 300 seconds

Company executives quite often come across situations where they need to inform their staff on some issues. Yotalk will always come to your aid: with its help you can create a voice directive and send it to all company units in just a few minutes. By the way, instead of orders, employees can also receive kind greetings for a holiday from their boss.

Playing practical jokes

Sometimes there are days when we can fool around like children without putting our own reputation at risk. What if you play some good jokes on your friends via Yotalk? There is a great opportunity to send messages by changing your voice. Just do not forget about the basics of ethics: remember that some jokes may hurt or harm humans.

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New version of Nimbus Note for Windows

Have you ever had to work with several notes simultaneously? Anyone who’s ever had this kind of experience knows first-hand how inconvenient switching between different documents or windows can be. At some point you begin to feel like a juggler, wasting time constantly jumping between the documents and yet moving towards the goal in tiniest steps.

We have supplied Nimbus Note with a new feature to allow conveniently working with several documents at the same time. In our Windows version of the program there is a tab system that will make your work much faster and more convenient, hence more efficient. The tab system allows working with notes from different folders simultaneously. You no longer have to jump between your notes, as all of them are now in plain sight.

Download Nimbus Note for Windows –

Quick Notes feature for Nimbus Note for Google Chrome

We added new feature to Nimbus Note for Google Chrome – Quick Notes.

Often you need to be able to access specific information for its copying and pasting. This is what the Quick Notes folder is for. You save all the notes you will need later to it. Then you open the context menu on any Internet page (right-click) – Nimbus Note – Quick Notes and click on the note you need for its contents to be copied to clipboard.

New version of Nimbus Note for Windows

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Note for Windows! We added some important features:

– Clipper for Microsoft Outlook – you can save your emails to Nimbus Note;

– With the help of Format Painter you will be able to quickly copy formatting of one piece of text (such as its color or font size) to another one. You just need to select the portion of the text you’d like to copy formatting from, then press  and then select the portion of the text you’d like to copy the formatting to. If you need to change style in a few places, you need to use the combination of Ctrl + . To exit this mode, use ESC.

– You can change default font;

– Other improvements;

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Doctors: Get Organized With The Nimbus Note

There are a lot of professionals who have a very busy work schedule. And medical professionals are special in this respect. It is difficult not to agree that medical profession is one of the most important occupations, because its main value is human life. How can Nimbus Note help a doctor? It turns out that they have a lot in common.

How not to drown in the ocean of information?

That is quite difficult today, because the number of information sources is growing every day. A doctor who wants to keep abreast of the latest advances in medicine can easily turn Nimbus Note to his advantage. For example, you can create a folder called Medical News and store your notes there. Each record can be made manually, imported from a text editor, or attached as a link or a picture. Adding a tag in the form of a disease name will facilitate the search for right notes in a folder.

Medical encyclopedia in your pocket

Even the most experienced doctor has to consult an encyclopedia or reference book from time to time. In a Nimbus Note folder called My Encyclopedia, a doctor will be able to collect all the information that is useful to them in their work. In this folder can also be stored articles from the Internet, links to them, as well as attachments containing needed information. If necessary, you will be able to easily find any data using a key word.

Medical records

In his work, a doctor has to deal with a huge number of patients. Each of them has their own medical record as well as a treatment plan. To keep in mind such an amount of information is very difficult, and a doctor’s forgetfulness may cost too much. In order not to miss anything important, you can create a card catalogue of your patients using Nimbus Note. Each card will contain not only the patient’s data, physician records but also any attachments (x-rays, test results in the form of scans, etc.).

What else can Nimbus Note do for you?

Besides, you can also use its great working tools, such as Nimbus Clipper and Nimbus Screenshot. These tools will help the user save necessary scans and video clips. These applications are extremely simple and functional. In addition, there is a wonderful list of important things in Nimbus Note called TODO. It will help a doctor not to miss anything because of their busy work schedule.

Ease of synchronization

It is difficult to overestimate such a Nimbus Note function as synchronization. Because of this function, the availability of your data is made possible at any time from any device from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Therefore, a Nimbus Note account enables you to always have your electronic notebooks with you. And probably the best thing is that now it is impossible to leave it somewhere or lose it.

Nimbus Note –


The Hard Life Of The Teacher, And How To Fix It With Nimbus Note

The teacher’s work through the prism of Nimbus Note

It is hard to imagine a teacher in whose life there is no room for planning. This profession is perhaps more in need of strict information structuring than any other one. Otherwise it will be impossible to store data in your head and somehow use them in the future. That’s why today we decided to talk about the way Nimbus Note application and the teacher’s professional work may be related to each other.

It appears that it’s possible to kill two birds with one stone…

… If you properly structure all the necessary information and schedule critical tasks. Nimbus Note will always come to the aid of a creative person who has a lot of plans and projects to work on. A professional teacher fits easily into the category of creative individuals. You will just have to make a separate folder for each project and put there any useful information in a convenient format. And label tags will help you find the data you need within seconds. A teacher will benefit greatly from Nimbus tools that will allow them to create and save videos and scans for adding clarity.

Dossier or psychological portfolio?

Working as a teacher is a very big responsibility, because students’ psychological health will depend on the teacher’s thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and the level of professionalism. It is thanks to a concerted effort by teachers and parents that spoon-fed preschoolers grow into responsible adolescents adapted to life. Errors, omissions, and indifference in this respect may cost too much. A dossier will help a wise teacher not miss anything important and create an objective psychological profile of each student. In individual Nimbus Note folders, a teacher can store their observations, thoughts, and conclusions with regard to each of their pupils. The value of such records for a parent cannot be overestimated.

Doing the impossible

Because of their busy schedule, a teacher has little chance to be distracted by extraneous sources of information. They simply don’t have enough time to study new trends, useful teaching methods, and their colleagues’ valuable observations in the field of education. Otherwise, you will have to sacrifice the interests of your own family and personal life. Needless to say that a pedagogue who is conservative will have less chance of winning favor with their students than a teacher who always enthralls their pupils with something interesting. How can you break the vicious circle and do the impossible? How can you find a few more hours in order to get inspiration that is so important in your work? And what if you create some Nimbus Note folders containing useful things and have a look at them from time to time? It seems to us that we have no free time at all. However, if we closely monitor our actions for several days, we will discover that our valuable time is wasted when we are on our way home or to work or while we wait at a doctor’s office or stand in a queue at a bank. Fortunately, Nimbus Note is available always and everywhere. For example, it will give you an opportunity to read your notes from your tablet or mobile phone right when you travel on public transport.

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