How to get out of holiday mode?

According to some studies, looking forward to a vacation ends up being more enjoyable than the vacation itself. It’s also a proven fact that the relaxing effects of a vacation wears off real quick. In another couple of weeks we are perfectly level with our colleagues, who are longing for their upcoming vacation. Additionally, there is the post-vacation stress that adds fuel to the fire. So how to avoid post-vacation blues and ease back into work effortlessly? Let’s try to figure it out and come up with a miracle recipe.


How enjoy your upcoming vacation the most?

Prepare emotionally, get in the right mind frame for resting and enjoying yourself. Plan your route in advance, think about what to pack. Take your time doing pre-trip shopping. Make a list of things you are going to need. Savor every moment of preparation, enjoy the process, without succumbing to the temptation of auto-piloting through it.

Try to lessen your workload before going on vacation. It’s a great idea to come up with a strict schedule that will allow you to wrap up all your current work issues with no hurry and make up for the time you will be missing. The schedule must be followed to the letter day to day. That will give you some peace of mind leaving for your vacation. You will also avoid coming back to a stressful deluge of urgent work.

How to minimize the stress of returning to work?

Bring gifts from your vacation. Even small souvenirs for your colleagues will create a friendly relaxed atmosphere making your first days back at work more pleasant.

Spruce up your workplace. Put a framed photo next to your computer, add a pretty seashell or a sea rock. In other words, bring a piece of your vacation back to the office to prolong the holiday euphoria.

Avoid jumping into the deep end of your work, as the result is going to be disastrous. Transitioning from a vacation to work must be smooth and relaxed, as otherwise you risk exhausting yourself and burning out. Try not to plan a lot of important things to do for one day, at least for the first week back. Be sure to start with the most interesting and motivating tasks. That will help you ease back into your work routine.

Remember we talked about the relaxing effects of aromatherapy? Don’t forget about the magic effects of scents even after your vacation time. Not only will it calm your nerves but also have a special kind of psychological effect. Your brain will connect scent-associated patterns together. And if you were looking forward to your vacation while enjoying a particular scent, the same scent is highly likely to bring you that much desired relaxation even with no vacation to look forward to.

Fill your life with positivity. It might not be easy right after a great vacation, but still not impossible. Bright-colored juicy fruit, fragrant mint tea, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in a mug, a bouquet of beautiful flowers in a vase can all raise your spirits and remind you of the many ways in which life can be beautiful. We all have our favorite “anchors”. Make sure to treat yourself after that vacation is over! Just make sure not to abuse internet, TV and gadgets – they certainly do not contribute to emotional release, contrary to what it might seem. Better have a picnic in a nearby park.

Meditation is the best way to smoothly ease into work without any negativity. Meditative sessions will bring along the much-desired calmness but also help you tune in to your work rhythm, boosting concentration. After just a few sessions, you will be surprised to discover post-vacation life is just as beautiful. We happen to have a lot of meditation sessions readily available in our collection.

Don’t forget about the weekend! Unfortunately, a vacation does not have a cumulative effect, so make sure not to ignore your actual weekends. Making the most out of your weekend will help to keep your recently replenishing energy supply intact while also adding positivity. A positive energy inflow is crucial in the first weeks after returning.

Start planning your … next vacation. It’s best not to use up your yearly vacation leave all at once. It’s always best to break it up into two parts – that way you will be able to have better rest. A 5.5 month break is much easier for your brain to take in than an 11-month long stretch. That would also mean that once your vacation is over, you have only a few months until your next one!

All the suggestions above are pretty simple and yet very efficient. You can use them to ease into your work seamlessly and without shouldering excessive pressure.