How Nimbus Capture for PC saves your time

Time is, without a doubt, the most valuable currency these days, so any products that help us save more time will always be in demand. Nimbus Capture is one of such products. When creating it, we tried to maximally reduce the time it takes to create a screenshot/screencast, publish it and send it to colleagues.

In  this  article  we  will share our company’s personal experience of using Nimbus Note.

Download Nimbus Capture for PC –

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New Nimbus Screenshot – Screencasts, capture fragments and other new features

We released a new version of Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox.

Download Nimbus Screenshot –

Here’s what’s new:

Recording screencasts (Chrome only)

Now not only can you make screenshots but also record screencasts! You can record all your actions from a Google Chrome page or any app. For instance, you can create interactive Photoshop lessons. Obviously, you can also record sound from either the mic or the browser. You can save the finished video to your computer or send it to Nimbus Note.

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Nimbus Screenshot with highlight feature and fonts for the Text instrument

We are happy to let you know a new version of Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome has been released. It’s available to you with a few nice features:

– Marker a.k.a. highlighter. You can highlight text fragments on a screenshot.

– Possibility to choose font for writing text.

– Possibility to create an active window screenshot of any other program (e.g. Photoshop or Skype).

Download Nimbus Screenshot for Google Chrome –

We launched Nimbus Screenshot App for Google Chrome

We are excited to announce the release of Nimbus Screenshot App. Nimbus Screenshot App is different from our add-on Nimbus Screenshot in a number of ways:

1) It’s launched through the app panel in Google Chrome.

2) You can make a screenshot of just the active window. This is a disadvantage, on the one hand, as you will not be able to select a fragment of your screen or make a full page screenshot. On the other hand, you are no longer limited by the Google Chrome window, i.e. you can make a screenshot of a Skype of a Photoshop window.

3) Besides screenshots, you can also edit images from your computer. It’s not fully-featured Photoshop, obviously, but still pretty good.

The rest is familiar – same convenient functional editor that also allows saving your creations to Nimbus Note and Google Drive.

Link –


New version of Nimbus Screenshot

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox.

What’s different?

– Shape shadows can now be controlled. You can change the size of a shadow and its color.

– A square/rectangle shape with rounded corners can be created.

Download Nimbus Screenshot for Google Chrome –

Download Nimbus Screenshot for Mozilla Firefox –