What’s burnout and how to treat it?

You probably heard a phrase “occupational burnout” more than once. The truth is, this is far more than just a cliché, and since quite recently – a syndrome. Before burnout was not easy to come by, while these days it’s an essential part of our life. The hectic pace of life is to blame: we are compelled to work incessantly, effectively exhausting our emotional and physical resources.

So what’s a burnout anyway? Basically, it’s chronic stress at its final stage. It’s a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that leads to complete apathy, disappointment with life and yourself. This condition certainly requires proper treatment in order for a person to live a full life and function normally.

Source: http://blogs.incpas.org/2016/04/burnout-is-real-but-its-avoidable/

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New Nimbus Note for iPhone – web-cliper and timeout for passcode

Nimbus Web Clipper now in iPhone

Saving various information from the internet is one of the most popular features in Nimbus Note. While special separate clippers are used for desktop browsers, we decided not to make a separate app for iPhone, packing the clipper right into the app itself.

By tapping on the Web-clipper icon you get to our browser and can open the internet page  you need. At that point you can:

– Save an article from a site (similar to Pocket or Instapaper);
– Save just the selected text fragment;
– Save a screenshot of the internet page;

You can also set folder and tags for your future note.


You can set time-out for the pass code feature.

The pass code feature is undoubtedly useful if you do not want for anyone else to gain access to your notes. But it may not be very convenient to be asked for the pass code every time when opening the app. In the new version of Nimbus Note you can set the pass code timeout yourself.

Download Nimbus Note for iPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nimbus-note-notes-to-do-lists/id828918459?mt=8

New version of Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast for Chrome

A new version of Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast for Google Chrome has been released.

Main changes:

You can stop recording a video using a Hotkey

A handy feature, especially when recording another window. Now you don’t need to go back to the Google Chrome browser window to stop the recording – just press a key combination ctrl+shift+0

Changes in the panel for sending screenshots

Some users complained that the process of sending screenshots to Nimbus Note is not quite intuitive. We modified the panels just a tad and here’s the result:

– you can send screenshots to Nimbus Note using the top or the bottom button Send to Nimbus;
– you can send the screenshot straight to the target folder using a special key (same applies to sending to Slack).

Lot’s of other fixes…

We also fixed plenty of other issues that prevented the app from working properly on certain websites. If you spot any other issues, please let us know right away.

Download Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast for Google Chrome – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nimbus-screenshot-and-scr/bpconcjcammlapcogcnnelfmaeghhagj?hl=en-US

How to motivate yourself to achieve a goal?

Previously we talked about our goals – what they should be like, how to set and achieve them. But all that is far from being all we need to succeed. Sometimes even properly articulated goals turn out to be impossible to achieve for a long time, and we find ourselves treading water. It would be easy if we could justify our lack of activity with simple laziness. Sometimes all we need is a magic kick in the butt from someone or… ourselves. Today let’s talk about motivation.

Source: http://massivewealthtosuccess.com/million-dollar-questions-how-to-get-what-you-want-in-life10-times-faster/

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A few tips on using Nimbus Web Clipper

Nimbus Clipper  is a powerful yet simple to use tool to save information from the internet. However, we noticed on several occasions that some of our users experience problems when using the app or are not using it efficiently enough. We came up with a few tips that will help you work with Nimbus Clipper more productively.

Download Nimbus Web Clipper – https://nimbus.everhelper.me/clipper.php

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Full-fledged FVD Speed Dial now in Opera

We are happy to announce we finally launched FVD Speed Dial for Opera. It was impossible due to technical reasons for a long time, but we managed to solve all the issues over time. The basic features are practically identical to the Google Chrome version:

– app opens on a new tab;
– customizable interface;
– 3D mode and parallax effect;
– synchronization and backup;

and a lot more. If you discover any errors or issues, please contact our support service right away.

Download FVD Speed Dial for Opera – https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/fvd-speed-dial-new-tab-page/?display=en

New Nimbus Note for Windows – old errors fixed

A new version of Nimbus Note for Windows is available. This release was almost entirely dedicated to fixing old bugs and problems. Among the most important ones are:

– Correcting issues with importing from Evernote;
– Many old synchronization issues fixed (for example, when a sync error would show until the program was restarted);
– Problem with Clear Type on the list of notes/folders/tags fixed;

And a lot more.

Download Nimbus Note for Windows – http://nimbus.everhelper.me/nimbus-note-windows.php

How to set goals right?

There are moments in everyone’s life when we are feeling blue and realizing the uselessness of own existence. If you get sucked into this feeling for too long, severe depression is just around the corner. So what’s the cause of apathy and blues? In most cases it has to do with our inability to set right goals for ourselves, which pretty much means we have no idea where we are headed in life.

Source: http://www.themillionairesecrets.net/7-simple-steps-by-step-methods-how-to-set-empowering-goals/

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Pokémons – now on Live Start Page

There aren’t too many people unaware of Pokémon Go – dozens of millions of people all over the world run around every day looking for rare and more common pokémons. We decided not to keep up with the trends, so now you can enjoy your favorite pokémons without leaving your PC.

Our first wallpaper is dedicated to the cutest of them all – Pikachu. He’s so cute and sweet, you won’t even want to see any kind of background around to be charmed out of your mind. You can already start looking forward to new Pokémon GO characters on Live Start Page.

Download Live Start Page – http://livestartpage.com